Our nursery is a warm and welcoming set of rooms in which we only cater for 12 babies per session. We have two separate individually temperature controlled sleep rooms as well as wet and dry play areas, nappy change facilities and a separate nursery play yard with sensory garden and sand pit, all designed to cater for young babies.

Our diploma qualified nursery educators are all warm and caring parents who have successfully raised their own children and understand how important it is for families to know that an experienced person is caring for their baby. Our nursery educators will take all the time you need to speak with you about the needs of your child and your family’s parenting culture so that we can ensure we incorporate those routines into your baby’s day.

Our Communication Books support the flow of information between educators and families and we document all the important events so that families can be sure their baby is eating, sleeping and engaging in play throughout the day. As part of our commitment to this open flow of information, families are welcome to contact the centre or request a phone call from educators at any time to check on your baby’s day. Breast feeding is welcome all across the centre, but in the nursery we provide a comfortable couch for those mothers who wish to breast feed while at the centre.

In the nursery our emergent and play based curriculum is focussed on providing

  • care – providing all the necessary emotional, health and nutrition support required by your child in your absence. And yes we mean lots of hugs and cuddles when they need them
  • a safe and nurturing environment, where the role of the educators is to spend time engaging with your child and developing strong bonds, not just cleaning up
  • plenty of opportunities for sensory play, movement and locomotion, social encounters, language development and exploration of the environment
  • high quality early nutrition and exploration of first foods
  • sleep and relaxation

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