Session Times

SBCCC currently offers the following session times

Childcare Centre

Morning               7am to 12.30pm

Afternoon            12.30pm to 6.30pm

Full day session  7am to 6.30pm

Early Learning Centre

Morning               9am to 12pm

Afternoon            12pm to 3pm

Full day session   9am to 3pm


Routines for the above session times vary across rooms to suit the needs of children and babies, but the general framework for the day provides children with a set of routines designed to meet their needs and provide a sense of security.

  • Arrival – Play based free choice activities. These activities are designed to engage children on arrival and allow educators to settle children and speak with families during the arrival period.
  • Room Separations – As more children arrive at the service and at approximately 8.30am, children will be separated into Nursery, Toddler and Kindy groups depending on the children in attendance. This allows for smaller group interactions and the beginning of the age specific programs.
  • Group time – A time to bring the group together and share a story, song or game before snack.
  • Morning tea – A nutritious snack will be provided at 9.00am in the nursery and at 9.30am in the Kindy and Toddler rooms, to ensure the children have enough fuel to engage in active play.
  • Activity Time – Play based activities are conducted across the centre for all children
  • Lunch – A nutritious meal is provided from our kitchen at 11.00am in the nursery and 11.30am in the Toddler and Kindy rooms.
  • Sleep and rest – From the conclusion of lunch children who are intending to sleep will be provided with sleep time in the toddler room. Sleepers will be woken to the schedule provided by families or allowed to sleep until fully rested.
  • Activity Time – Kindy children and non sleepers will have a focussed guided learning session before returning to play based activities. As sleepers wake they will be greeted by educators and welcomed back to play when ready to do so.
  • Group time – A time to bring the group together and share a story, song or game before snack.
  • Afternoon snack – A nutritious afternoon snack will be provided for children at 2.30pm.
  • Activity Time – Play based free choice activities will be set up by educators and children in response to emergent curriculum that has occurred throughout the day. From 3pm some children will begin to be collected by families. This time enables educators to speak with families whilst children are busy pursuing their own interests and social activities.
  • Group time – A time to bring the group together and share a story, song or game before snack.
  • Late snack – A small late snack will be provided for children at approximately 5pm to tide them over until dinner with families.
  • Rooms reunite – At approximately 5 pm depending on attendances the rooms will come together as we provide activities for the remaining children and commence the shut down procedures.

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