Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room is fully equipped for catering to the most ambitious and industrious toddlers as they explore their world. With a combination of safety and opportunity to engage in adventurous play, we provide toddlers with plenty of time to play and explore in a supportive and engaging environment.

Our toddler room children share the outdoor play environment and some indoor play times with the kindy children giving them regular opportunities for supported play with older children.

Our toddler room educators are experienced in the early childhood/toddler setting and are able to provide toddlers with a warm caring environment with firm boundaries to ensure your child is able to develop in a secure setting with comfortable routines.

Toddlers are provided with the opportunity to sleep after lunch on our sleeping mats with their own individual linen. Families are encouraged to speak with educators about your child’s sleep routines so that we can incorporate this into your child’s day.

Toddler room curriculum is focussed on providing play based opportunities to

  • have fun and experience a wide range of age appropriate activities
  • develop and refine gross and fine motor control
  • explore learning and develop a sense of curiosity about the world
  • engage with the natural world and outdoor environments
  • develop oral and body language skills
  • develop early social skills
  • begin to develop the skills to participate in group activities
  • pre-literacy and pre-numeracy  awareness
  • develop an understanding that groups have rules and boundaries

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